I Need the NHS!

I’m resurrecting my blog as I feel it important given all the bad press & the increasingly worrying speed at which the NHS is being privatised to demonstrate how important it is just to me even. This isn’t going to be a pretty piece of writing, just informative of my experiences right now.

I won’t go into details but apparently I’m currently ill with psychosis. I’m not entirely sure I am but the antipsychotic I have been taking seems to be shedding some light/doubt on my beliefs/truths. In a nutshell, I am having trouble with the controllers and am terrified and confused. The past few weeks I have had an enormous amount of support from a number of areas of the NHS (in no particular order of importance):

1. A&E Medical Staff: I have required suturing a number of times due to a relapse into self-harm. Bar one negative experience I have been treated with respect and kindness.

2. A&E Psychiatric Liaison: I have been assessed, supported by, and referred on by the A&E psych liaison team.

3. Home Treatment Team: I have had numerous visits, ‘phone calls, and had an appointment and ‘phone contact with the team Dr. I am continuing to have support from them whilst I am fast-tracked back to be under the Community Mental Health Team for a short period.

4. GP: I have had numerous telephone contacts with my GP (some instigated by him) in order to try and sort out my sleeping problems and for support with my self-harm relapse.

5. Consultant Psychiatrist: I have had an appointment with my own consultant. He provided me with the time I needed, which was more than the regular scheduled appointment time. I trust and respect him from his care over the past several years. In the past, when very unwell, he has been known to free up 3 appointments and call me within the space of a month!

6. Pharmacist: My medications have swapped and changed around a bit the past few weeks, which has required a few visits and assistance from an NHS pharmacist.

I actually feel embarrassed to be given all this support when I don’t even believe I am ill with psychosis.

I have all this NHS support without being demanding or shouting or even asking at times. All of this has been over the course of just 3 weeks (so far).

I am on SSP at the moment. Even when I’m working I only work part-time due to health reasons and that is for a charity. So, what I’m getting at is that I no longer have the luxury of the salary of a lawyer I once had. There is no way that I could afford such treatment. It sickens and saddens me that in the future, if I require support like this I might not be able to afford it. It’s short-sighted. If I get support and well quickly, I get back to work – I don’t need benefits, I don’t end up on the acute wards for months at a time. Most importantly though, I get to have a life!


About Carrie Quinn

I'm a former solicitor whose life was turned upside down due to problems with my mental health. I'm now aiming towards recovery, which to me means rebuilding a meaningful life - not necessarily disorder free.
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4 Responses to I Need the NHS!

  1. blanche69 says:

    Wow the service is good where you are!
    I just wanted to say that with psychosis,at the time it’d not easy to recognise that is there as everything seems normal to you(to an extent). So pperhaps try to avoid focussing on it now and just carry on as you normally would do and concentrate on getting well again. When you get through this(and you will) you will then probably be able to see why you were told you have psychosis.
    I hope you get sorted soon, it’s never good when the mentalz come out to play.
    Take care and keep posting if it helps xx

  2. Carrie Quinn says:

    It’s mixed. I’ve had really bad experiences in the past but now I have people in place that are reallly supportive.

  3. Moomin Muma says:

    My experience is quite different, I have suffered over a decade of severe illness, in which I have been at times so unwell I found it impossible to function–once I couldn’t even climb the stairs for almost nine months.
    I was sworn at it on a variety of occasions, even in my own home, called lazy, liar, attention seeker and was told over and over again to “stop this silly behaviour.” I was locked in a psych ward for six weeks on one occasion. My hair fell out, I had chronic pain, persistent cough and skin lesions which were unsightly and also painful. I was told it was in my head and I was refused any further treatment. I had to seek advice from a higher level and when I reported the behaviour to the PCT it escalated into more obvious bullying. I’m glad your experience was better, but until a month a go, when a consultant, not related to a MH team, took one look at me and diagnosed Lupus, the health system made my misery and suffering so unbearable I almost finished myself off. I have never experienced kindness or compassion on any level.
    Good luck to you. Keep writing.

  4. Carrie Quinn says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had such negative experiences. I too have had some awful experiences. This blog however was to point out all the care I am currently receiving and how without the NHS there would be no way I could afford even a fraction of this.
    I hope you feel well soon x

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